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Welcome to the Photo Design page. Here you can find out about our the various kinds of
photography offered here at TeMpLe ArTs Photo Design.

On-site Company Photography

 Main Building Company Vehicles Reception
Test Station 1 Storeroom Reefill Canisters
Test Station 2 Outside Respray Product Range
Product Range 2 Outside on Site Test Station 3

Product Range Photography

Bucket Spoon Plate Red
Plate Blue 3 Divisional Container Clear Cup
Clear Large Tub Clear Container Platter

Packaging Photography


Food Photography

Ribs & Chips Pizza
Mega Toasted Wors Rolls Choc Sundae
Toasted Sandwiches

Photo Editing, Enhancing & Touch ups

Boogaloos Oven Before Boogaloos Oven After

Product Pack Shots

Product Pack Shots

Photo Collages

Demacretia Photo Collage

Band Photo Design

Demacretia 2008 Band Photo Design


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