Welcome to the Music Composition page. Here you can download mp3's of some of the music written here at TeMpLe ArTs Music by
Owner and Creative Mind Jamie Haigh - Vocalist, Bass Player, Programmer & Sampler for DEMACRETIA.

TeMpLe ArTs Music has expanded it's range with the building of a sound proof recording studio.
Drop us a mail if you want recording prices and packages.

Recording Studio 2Recording Studio 1

Dema Demacretia
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Check out some of the releases from Demacretia and Jme available
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Demacretia T-shirts - R120
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JMe - Stars (2001) (TAM-001)
Download: JMe - Stars


JMe - Torn Apart (2003) (TAM-002)
Download: JMe - Ladies Now

JMe-Torn Apart

Demacretia - Ebola (1997) (TAM-003)
Download: Demacretia - Ebola

Demacretia - Ebola

Demacretia - Formula For Fear (1998) (TAM-004)
Download: Demacretia - Planet Rage

Formula For Fear

Demacretia - Burning Away (2002) (TAM-005)

1 - Download: Demacretia - Suffocated in a Tomb ;
2 - Download: Demacretia - Ice Cold Bodies
3 - Download: Demacretia - Human Hybrid ; 4 - Download: Demacretia - Break it Down

Burning Away

Demacretia - Corehammer T-shirts
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